XV Beacon

Preferred Boutique is a collection of unique boutique hotel around the world and after a great experience with Hotel 1000 in Seattle I was excited to see how good XV Beacon in Boston could be.

I arrived in the hotel, but my room wasn’t ready at check in time. I had to wait around an hour because a preferred member with late check out benefit stayed in the room the night before. After the wait I was finally on my way to the room called Corner Studio which is a junior suite with separate sitting area and fireplace. Beautiful decor and very romantic, but with faults. The bed was the smallest bed I’ve seen in any hotel and way too small. The bathroom was acceptable and had it’s own branded products, but there was no separate shower from the bath tub and it’s becoming a must these days.

The service was very good. I especially liked the attentive frontdisk and concierge. The concierge can also arrange a complimentary car ride within the city centre of Boston and it’s a very pleasant service and it’s always nice to arrive in style. The facilities was OK, but the outdoor terrace had a high noise level that destroyed the comfort of being there.

Overall a great experience to the portfolio. It’s a very good boutique hotel, but not an unforgettable experience if you have seen a lot of quality hotels before.

My opinion: Great experience.