W Retreat & Spa Vieques

W Retreat and Spa in Maldives is probably my favorite resort in the world and I was excited to see how far W Retreat and Spa in Vieques Island would be from that level.

I arrived in Vieques Island after my shortest flight ever. Only 7 minutes from the mainland and was happy to see a W Lounge next to the small airport. The lounge was a disappointment. Not clean enough and the selection of drinks was not impressive. I had to wait long time for the pick up and I wish this had been better organized. I arrived in the hotel and was happy to get upgraded to a Wow Ocean Front Retreat Suite, their highest category of suites.

Being a Platinum member of Starwood is very valuable and by far my favorite hotel program. Mainly because they have the best selection of luxury hotels. The design was a little different from the typical W design, but still had many similarities. Separate livingroom from the bedroom, each with a large flatscreen Tv. The bed was the W Signature bed which is one of my favorites and the bliss products in the bathroom was the same as in the other W’s. The suites also had a lot of magazines and a private bar.

The service is always important for a great experience. With W you can always count on a great design experience, but not always a good service experience. W Vieques is in the middle of the scale of W service experiences. It was very good, but with problems like the pick up and delay on car service on the way back to the airport. Most of the staff is from the island of Vieques and W have trained them well. The hotel charge a resort fee which is a stupid way to earn money from people. When you make a booking a resort fee is not shown at first, but only later in the reservation. I only see one point of doing that: Making money.

The internet was complimentary, but was definitely not high speed and is something that can be improved. The same can be said about the breakfast. It didn’t impress me. What makes W Vieques great is the great design and the destination itself. It’s a great island with crystal clear blue water and a little hidden gem in the W portfolio.

My opinion: Great experience.