Villa Anakao

Villa Anakao is a charming family run hotel which belongs among Abidjans three best hotels. Only 6 rooms can be found, all comfortable with shower and mosquito net over the bed.

Complimentary wireless internet is another plus and the food is very good as well. The owners and the team are very friendly and provides good service. The quiet residential-area location is another plus and I think many visitors will be surprised how good this hotel is. That is another reason for it’s many excellent reviews on Tripadvisor.

My only problem would be that only the owners speaks English. Finally it’s worth to mention the lovely swimming pool which is a lovely place to relax. Highly recommended for an affordable quality hotel in Abidjan and among the three bests with Sofitel and Particulier. It all depends what kind of hotel you want…

My opinion: Good+ experience.