Venetian Macao

Can you recommend the most unpleasant hotel experience of your life? Yes, you can! It depends on your preference. The beautiful designed Venetian Macao is the 17th biggest hotel in the world regarding rooms. 3.000 All-Suite Casino hotel. I stayed in a Royal Suite which was very nice and classical. The hotel was fully booked on the day I visited here, and that means over 6.000 guests, and that can be seen on the service. There is no personalised service; this is a hotel to explore for its suites and activities.

There is a lot of events and a lot of things to do, but what made it the most unpleasant hotel experience of my life was the smoke. People smoke everywhere, even in elevators and non-smoking floors. Even in the shopping area. The casino area is very huge, and everyone smokes there. It’s not a hotel for me, but if you are a smoker or have no problem with second-hand smoke, it’s a great hotel with greats rooms and a lot of events and activities. Like every other hotel, it depends on your personal preferences. The spa was top class and is highly recommended, while the food was good compared to the usual standard in this part of the world. My recommendation of Venetian Macao will depend on your preference.

My opinion: Good experience.