The Victoria Falls Hotel

The Victoria Falls Hotel is an old classical hotel with a history dated back to its opening in 1904. The hotel is located in town, just a few minutes from the Victoria Falls iself, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The hotel has recently been renovated and the design and its history is what I liked most about the property. The service is charming and the place has its own unique character.

Arrival experience: Arrived on the Rovos Rail train with lots of other passangers. Pretty hectic, but received my room key after 10 minutes. No escort to the room as expected.

Number of rooms: 176.

Type of property: Classical hotel.

Location: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Facilities: Swimming pool and Fitness Centre.

Complimentary internet: Yes, but annoying with only 100 MB available at a time.

Affiliations: The Leading Hotels of the World.

My overall impression: Great experience.