The Sukhothai Bangkok

Bangkok is famous for its many world class hotels, so it’s hard to decide which ones to select. When I look at lists of people’s favourite hotels in the world I once in a while finds LHW-member, The Sukhothai in Bangkok, so I decided to check it out especially since it’s not focused on business like most city hotels.

I stayed in their standard, superior room, and I can honestly say size doesn’t matter. This room is only 38 square metres, but it’s beautiful. Beautiful design everywhere that is different from any other hotel I’ve been to and the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. Everything was perfect in the room, and I got an even better feeling than large villas I’ve stayed in with 100s of square metres.

This hotel offers complimentary minibar that is very unusual for a world class hotel; I’m used to a minibar that is totally overpriced, but this was just perfect. Another unique, strange thing is that you can eat all the chocolates you want. The hotel itself makes them, and I can’t think of any better chocolates in the world. I miss them.

The facilities are top class, the spa, the health club and their 25-metre swimming pool. All up to the highest quality and won’t disappoint.

Food is top class as well. The breakfast buffet had a large selection of high-quality food and the food I ordered from room service tasted phenomenal.

Only one thing is left to cover. Yes, service. And yes, it’s impressive as well. The staff are very attentive, smiling and professional. Everything feels so great that I can’t describe it in words, you have to stay here to feel it. In my opinion, this hotel is the best value in the world. Similar experiences usually cost 3-4 times the price, and it’s very rarely to have experienced at this level in city hotels.

Overall this is one of my favourite hotels in the world. Simply because it’s different in a unique and extraordinary way. I love everything about it, and it exceeded my expectations which almost never happens.

My opinion: Favorite experience.