The Royal Livingstone Hotel

Royal Livingstone is well known as one of the world’s best hotels by many international magazines and awards. Based on my research I arrived in Livingstone with high expectations.

After a short ride, I arrived in Royal Livingstone and got an amazing welcome. There were several staff to welcome me before being escorted to their lobby lounge where they offered a complimentary hand massage. It was the first time I’ve seen hand massage at check-in, and it was a very original idea. They also offered a nice welcome drink and cold towel. Royal Livingstone only has three suites, but I stayed in a Luxury Suite, and it was very nice. There are parts which are dated like the Tv, but overall a very nice suite. The bed was quite hard, but that would be my only complain about the suite.

Another new detail I’ve never seen before was dried meat when you enter the room. Very African and nice. The most important thing in a hotel is the service, and Royal Livingstone was very special. The service is very different from anywhere else I’ve been. It’s wonderful people and they do service in a way you have to experience yourself. They are very good in remembering your name, and they always want to have a little chat with you.

The facilities needs to improve. The business centre and it’s internet is very slow, but most people do not use the internet during their stay in Zambia. I had a spa treatment, and while the spa treatment was very nice, it’s far from the experience you get in Asia. No registration and ask for preference and no drink or towel given.

In a place like Zambia, it can be hard to find quality restaurants outside the hotel which make the food even more important. The food was very good. On one of the nights, I was on their Royal Livingstone Express train. It was a very nice experience with good service. It can be a little pricey, but it’s worth the money spend.

Overall a unique and special experience. It’s a hotel you can’t find elsewhere in the world. You have to see Victoria Falls at least once in your life anyway, so why not stay in the best?

My opinion: Great+ experience.