The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

Ritz-Carlton is one of the most luxurious hotel chains in the world. The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo has been known as one of their top properties since it opened back in 2007 and I understand why. From the moment you enter, you’ll see this is a world class hotel. The hotel is located on top of Tokyo’s tallest building, Midtown Tower, which means the lobby is untraditional located, but that gives a unique arrival experience. After telling your name at the ground floor, they will escort you to the lobby. I stayed in a deluxe club room and after the escort to the lobby I was escorted to the club lounge where I had my welcome drink while we did the registration.

This hotel received 100 out of 100 in both service and rooms in the Conde Nast Traveller Gold List so I had very high expectations before I saw the room with my own eyes. As said, I stayed in a Club Deluxe Room, and it was very beautiful designed and comfortable. It’s not one of the best rooms I’ve stayed in, but what gives it the high score is the view. The view is part of the room review, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best views from any rooms in the world. The skyline of the world’s largest city is incredible and an experience not to be missed. The room also featured a two flatscreen Tv’s, a letter from the GM and very tasty chocolates I haven’t seen similar in any hotel around the world.

Before going to the hotel, I read a lot about the service. After my stay here I’ll have to agree. It’s fantastic. Everywhere in the hotel they spoke great English and delivered the highest level of service I’ve seen in a business hotel. Their lounge staff were amazing and top professional, but anywhere in the hotel everyone delivered service that exceeded my expectations.The facilities is top class as well. The Ritz-Carlton Spa & Fitness by ESPA is an experience on its own. The fitness studio is open 24 hours and is updated with the latest technology. The indoor pool is very nice and in the corner, there is a hot tub with an amazing view of Tokyo’s skyline.

Overall you can’t find a better hotel in the world for the business man. For the leisure travellers, it’s still a great choice, the view and service are not to miss, and I would highly recommend people to stay here at least once in their life as it’s a very special experience. Could easily be the best Ritz-Carlton in the world, but I need to explore more of their properties to say that for sure.

My opinion: Great+ experience.