The Ritz-Carlton Moscow

Ritz-Carlton used to be a competitor of Four Seasons, but is today far from that stability. At least that is my opinion. There is destinations in the world where Ritz-Carlton still is the best though and one of them is Moscow which is the most expensive Ritz-Carlton hotel in the world. A minimum of $1.100 dollars is required if you want to stay here.

I arrived in the hotel and was immidiately escorted to the club lounge which gave information about their services before delivering the room key. It was very surprising that no escort was offered and I walked to the room alone. I stayed in a Carlton Suite where the online rate is $5.000 dollars. Certainly a lot of money and I wonder how many people that actually pays that. It was a lovely Ritz-Carlton suite and compareable with my suite in Ritz-Carlton in Enniskerry near Dublin. It had the exact same design, but the room describtion from did not tell the truth about The Carlton Suite. It did not have a Red Square view, but a view of National and only the top of the buildings of the Red Square. You couldn’t actually see the red square itself. Disappointing and the general manager fully understood me and said they would look at the room describtion as I was right. The suite was very large, contemporary design with both classical and tegnology elements.

The food was a pleasant surprise. I was disappoint with the food in most of the hotels I visited in Russia, but Ritz had great food. The sushi on the roof top is very fresh and tasty. Combine it with champagne and have a great experience with a unique view of the red square. The most important thing in a hotel is service and I think Ritz-Carlton was the best in Russia. Great well trained staff, but that is also the least you can expect for the incredible high rates. As said before I had access to the club lounge and it was great. Good selection of food and drinks and with good service. The other facilities was great as well and it’s surely a hotel that can fit any business man.

Overall a very interesting experience to the portfolio. With standard rates up to $1.000 dollars it’s definitely very overpriced, but that is how the Russian market is. It’s the most expensive Ritz-Carlton in the world, but fortunately one of the better ones.

My opinion: Great experience.