The Opposite House

As a hotel fan I always look for the special experiences, but no matter how good a hotel seems to be, you can never know how good it is before you go and judge it yourself.

Before selecting hotels, I do a lot of research. During all my research The Opposite House in Beijing looked like a top class experience. It has the 2nd highest rates in Beijing after The Aman, and the style looked very different from most hotels, so I decided to check it out.

I arrived at the hotel, and the check in process was very different from other hotels. The lobby looks like a living room, and you take a seat, and they bring their small laptop for check-in registration. Nice and different detail. I stayed in a Studio 70 which was beautiful. All was of wood, and it had automatic curtains. A special room. Wireless internet is complimentary and so is the mini bar. The facilities is great as well, and all staff delivered great service. The breakfast and food, in general, was great and so was the service at breakfast. Overall a unique hotel I highly recommend for anyone visiting Beijing.

My opinion: Great+ experience.