The Nam Hai

Before going to Vietnam it was clear on the internet that there was only one world class resort in the country. The Nam Hai. Based on what I read about the resort and the photos I saw I really looked forward to the experience.

When I arrived in the hotel I was welcomed by the general manager before we sat down with a welcome drink. After that I was escorted to my beachfront villa and it’s definitely one of the best in the world. The design is outstanding and some of the best i’ve seen.

The villa features a rotatable Tv that offers a lot of movies free of charge, it was the first time since Burj Al Arab I’ve seen that and it’s a nice detail instead of overpriced movies I wouldn’t pay to see anyway. Furthermore there is a wonderful bed, bathtub and an outdoor shower.

The service is great and the best you can have in Vietnam. While it’s not as good as the best in the world it’s impressive and they are very attentive and professional. An example is that I ordered room service with bread and oil on the side. When the food arrived I asked: Where is the oil? They said they must have forgotten it and came back with oil 3 minutes later and said: We apologise for the mistake and it’s with our compliments. That is service. It will happen once in a while that even the best hotels in the world makes mistakes and it’s nice to see them take responsibility for it.

The breakfast was really good and it was first time I saw smoked eel at a breakfast buffet and it’s great since I love fish.

The facilities is topclass and the spa looked incredible beautiful and i’m sure it’s as good as people say it is.

My final conclusion is easy. It belongs to the Condé Nast Traveller Gold List and it’s not very far from the best hotels in the world. The villas is among the best design in the world and the service is at the highest level you can get in Vietnam. A stay in this hotel is costly, but is worth it. Highly recommended as a memorable experience.

My opinion: Fantastic experience.