The Moorhouse Ikoyi Lagos

Introduction: Generosity and authenticity define the welcome and charm of Nigeria. In the south of the country, the islands of Ikoyi and Victoria pulsate at the heart of Lagos’ wealthy neighborhood, a few short minutes from the city’s business district. The luxury Moorhouse Ikoyi Lagos hotel is a haven of peace in the seething hustle and bustle of the city. The building boasts 90 luxury rooms and suites. The gourmet restaurant and exceptional wine bar will delight the senses. The hotel’s personalized service and cozy atmosphere allow you to relax and get away from it all during your luxury stay in Nigeria.

Above information is how the hotel presents itself on their website.

Below is my experience based on a one-night stay at the property.

My arrival experience: Kind check-in before being escorted to the room.
What I loved: The rooms.
What about the food: Good vegetarian lunch at their restaurant without being anything special. I was the only guest in the restaurant.
What about the service: Some of the staff are professional. Some need more training. Service is better at The George, The Wheatbaker, and Radisson Blu while InterContinental has some of the same problems as The Moorhouse.
What about my room: This property used to be a Sofitel hotel, and it looks like a Sofitel hotel, and that is a good thing. Very comfortable room a good bed, working desk, flat screen Tv, bathtub and separate shower.
Number of rooms: 94.
Type of property: City hotel.
Location: Lagos, Nigeria.
Facilities: Gym, pool and business/meeting facilities.
Complimentary internet: Yes, but slow.
Affiliations: MGallery.
My overall impression: Good+ experience. It is a very good hotel and would easily be the best in many African countries, but this is Lagos. The Wheatbaker is a better hotel, but their rates are higher. The Moorhouse Ikoyi is fairly priced compared to other Lagos hotels.