The Maldives: My Favourite

I am truly delighted to be back in my favourite destination in the world. The Republic of Maldives in The Indian Ocean. Although I have to visit all countries of the world, I have decided to return to give my readers more fantastic articles and videos of this ultimate paradise.

There are many reasons for my return and why this is my favorite destination, but it comes down to experiences. I think we all look for an ultimate experience and The Maldives is one of the few places that always fascinates me and never disappoints.

YouTube is a big part of sharing travel experiences these days. The Maldives are by far my most popular destinaton on YouTube and my videos have thousands of unique views from people dreaming of visiting this paradise. The most popular video is from W Retreat and Spa Maldives with over 37,000 unique views. I also receive many e-mails from people that want to know specific things about the Maldivian resorts and I am always happy to help.

So how many resorts am I going to this time? I would like to become a true Maldivian expert and it’s my hope as many of the top Maldivian resorts as possible would like to participate. Each island is different and each Maldivian top resort is an experience in itself. I am sure I will enjoy my month here and I am sure it will be an incredible visit like the first two.