The Inn at Villa Bambou

When I told people I was going to Haiti, everyones first reaction was “Haiti? Where are you going to stay, they don’t have good hotels?”. That was actually my thought too, because I started to research it. The Inn at Villa Bambou is the most expensive place to stay in the whole country. The reviews and photos looked excellent and based on my research I had no doubt this would be the best Haiti has to offer.

The experience started with a warm welcome where I was offered a drink after being escorted to the room. The Inn at Villa Bambou only has 8 rooms and I stayed in Laurier Room which is a favorite of the owners. Beautiful designed, comfortable bed and it’s own unique decor. The service exceeded all my expectations. The owners have find staff with a fantastic and friendly attitude. Some still need a little more training, but that’s what you would expect. I was very positive surprised with the service level which could easily be compare to similar great inn’s around the world.

The food was another great experience. The American owner cooks dinner every night and is very talented. Very fresh ingredients and very well prepared. The stay ended with a great breakfast and with me taking a lot of photos of the incredible views of Port-au-Prince.

Overall I truly believe this is a great experience compared with the other best places to stay in the world. The homely feel, personalized service, food and quiet location is like a destination within itself.

My opinion: Great experience.