The George

The George is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World and is the only great place to stay in the city of Christchurch.

I arrived late and received a nice welcome from the night receptionist. I was given some information about the hotel before he escorted me to the room. I stayed in a Park Suite and it was a pleasant experience. Separate livingroom from the bedroom, comfortable bed, jacuzzi in the bathroom and very nice local products there as well. Everything in a very modern design that was very inviting. A nice detail which I had never seen before was a teddy bear called George which had a note saying you could take him home with you. Very nice detail.

The most important thing is always the service and The George had really great staff which were well-trained and extremly helpful. The only thing I hated about The George was the chargeable internet. How can you as a independent hotel charge for internet in 2011? Insane if you ask me.

Overall a really great first experience in New Zealand. The rooms are lovely and the staff is great. Highly recommended in Christchurch especially since there is no competitors.

My opinion: Great experience.