The Eldorado Inn

Guyana is the only English speaking country in South America and little known for tourism. The country is also one of the few country in the world that does not have a luxury hotel. So where was I going to stay? The two Bed&Breakfast Herdmanston Lodge and The Eldorado Inn are the best options in the capital of Georgetown.

The Eldorado Inn is a bit smaller than Herdmanston Lodge and has only 9 rooms, but the two B&B’s are very similar. The Eldorado Inn has a more central location, but I prefer Herdmanston’s more quiet area. The service is also better at Herdmanston, but Eldorado Inn has lower rates and a bit better rooms, especially their suites. Many luxury hotels feels cold and I definitely prefer Eldorado Inn to some luxury hotels I’ve stayed, but it’s not luxury and not for everyone.
My opinion: Good experience.