The Easiest Countries to Hitchhike

I have hitchhiked with at least 1,000 cars around the world in my project of visiting all 324 countries and territories in the world. With only 18 countries and 41 territories left to visit, it is to recommend the best places in the world to hitchhike. Maybe you should give it a try in one of the following destinations?

Fernando de Noronha 
Located an hour from Brazil, Fernando de Noronha is completely safe and easy for hitchhiking. Every 2nd car stopped on average. No need to ever take a taxi.

Every car or every second car will stop. It is incredible and very safe. No need to ever take a taxi.

The world’s smallest country is a wonderful island to hitchhike. Full of friendly people. Almost all will stop for you.

New Zealand
The best place to start hitchhiking. Very easy and safe. I love this country for many reasons, and hitchhiking is one of them.

This small Dutch territory in the Caribbean is a unique travel destination and a very easy place to hitchhike.

St. Pierre 
Very easy to hitchhike in this French territory. Hitchhiked three times and never waited more than one minute.

Every car stopped in the Northernmost city in the world, Longyearbyen. No need to take the expensive airport bus.

American territory in the Pacific, but does not feel like America at all. Very small and every car or every second car will stop.

Very easy and safe to hitchhike on both Tongatapu and Vava’u island. Very friendly islanders.