Tambo del Inka

Tambo del Inka is one of Starwood’s two Luxury Collection hotels in Peru and has received excellent comments all around the internet.

After a one hour taxi ride from Cusco I arrived in Tambo del Inka to a warm welcome. A welcome drink was offered before I was escorted by the butler to my master suite. The master suite was wonderful designed like the rest of the hotel. The bathroom had separate shower from the bath tub. In fact it was not only a bath tub, but a wonderful jacuzzi tub. It had very interesting products called Gilchrist & Soames which I’ve never seen in any hotel before.

The service was very good, but only a few staff spoke English good enough to communicate and that’s a big problem when majority of the guests is from USA. The facilities was very impressive with a wonderful spa and I was sad to hear their occupancy has been low since the beginning. Around 20% is sad and they deserves much more guests to discover this wonderful design hotel. The value is excellent, but they overprice all services to make it up especially the food.

Overall a wonderful design experience and good service. Areas can be improved, but in general very satisfied and deserves recognition in the future.

My opinion: Great experience.