Taj Lake Palace

Taj Lake Palace has always been among the hotels in the world I wanted to stay in. I was picked up at the airport and after a 45 minutes ride I arrived at the jetty and had a warm welcome. After a drink and towel, I was escorted to the boat for a 7 minutes ride to The Lake Palace.

After all, I’ve read about Taj Lake Palace and all the recognition it has I arrived with huge expectations. I was disappointed to arrive in Taj Lake Palace with other guests. With 83 rooms and 7 minutes ride, you would expect to arrive at a personal welcome, but I arrived with one other guest. I know perfection does not exist in any hotel, but at least every guest should arrive separately to a personal welcome. The welcome was very nice where they serve champagne, white wine or soft drinks of your choice. After the welcome  they escorted me to a fantastic Aravali Darshan suite. It has a view of the oldest fold mountains in the world, the Aravalis Mountains. Inside it had a very classical design, but still with modern touches such as flat screen Tv and DVD-player.

The most important thing is always the service, and Taj Lake Palace was excellent with very professional and attentive staff. There was no personal handwritten card, and that was a huge disappointment as well as the boat. It must be the first of the world’s best hotels where they only welcome note is an A4 printout. I talked with the managers about it, and they haven’t thought about it before, and they thought it was a great idea to improve the product.

The facilities was great as well. The spa and swimming pool is beautiful, while the gym is quite small. What makes Taj Lake Palace one of the world’s best experiences is the property itself and the service. There are just a few details I didn’t like, but the managers agreed with my points, and I think it will be improved in the future.

Overall it was a unique and memorable experience. A one of a kind hotel.

My opinion: Great+ experience.