Taj Exotica Maldives

Leading Hotels of the World is a selection of high-quality hotels around the world. Last year, Taj Exotica Maldives was voted the best leading hotel of the world. Keeping that award in mind, I arrived at the resort with high expectations. The island of Taj Exotica is very close to the international airport in Male and is very convenient when you arrive from a long flight. The arrival experience was very nice, and a lot of staff were there to welcome me.

After a drink and towel, I was escorted to my over water villa which did not meet my expectations. Based on the recognition this hotel has received, I expected a truly special experience. The villa was nothing special and a little dated. It was very comfortable and nice, but I expected something special. I, however, liked the outdoor swimming pool and the fact that it’s over water.

When staying in so many hotels you want to find new details. This hotel had the best handwritten welcome letter I’ve ever seen. Very professional written inside and with resort photos on the front page. The bathroom had Molton Brown products which are a very exclusive product and one of my favourites.

While the villas were a disappointment, the service and food were great. I had a tasting menu for dinner, and it was fantastic. I don’t like their dress code policy. It should be allowed to wear shorts in a resort when there are 30 degrees outside, but this might just be me? Another detail about this resort is that they only do á la carte, even for breakfast, and I liked that.

The service everywhere were very professional and attentive. I liked the butler service, and the butler was great. I’ve had many butlers, and the quality is very variable.

Overall a great experience. It’s a little overrated in my opinion because their villas are far from the best and needs an update. The food was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a hotel and service is great so overall it will depend on your personal preference if this is a resort for you.

My opinion: Great+ experience.