Summerfield Botanical Garden

Swaziland is one of the poorest countries in the world and not a country where you would expect world class hotels. Instead I was looking for the best possible hotel experience for my book and based on a huge research SUmmerfield Botanical Garden came up as the winner.

Located close to Manzini town and the airport, Summerfield Botanical Garden picked me up in the airport and after a short drive I arrived in the beautiful surroundings.

46 rooms total in Summerfield and I stayed in a very nice Executive Suite with are much better than the standard suite category I orginally booked. The beds was OK, but could be more soft. I was surprised Summerfield also offers Twin Beds, but was told many families stays with them. The separate sitting area was very nice as well, but the Tv wasn’t a flatscreen which of course is a must in 2012. The bathroom had separate shower from the bathtub and had nice products.

What I hated about Summerfield was the chargeable internet. You can’t charge for internet in 2012. It’s a basic need, like sleep. The food wasn’t a good experience. Both breakfast and dinner was below average. What makes Summerfield special is the beautiful gardens with beautiful birds. Make sure to bring your camera.

Overall Summerfield was a good experience and as good as it can get in Swaziland. The room comfort, the friendly staff and the beautiful surroundings made it a good experience overall.

My opinion: Good experience.