Sugar Beach Resort

Sugar Beach is one of Mauritius many luxury hotels With rates in the middle of luxury hotels; I expected a good, but not unforgettable experience. After my stay in this hotel, I was exactly right. It’s a good experience, but far from unforgettable. I arrived at the hotel, got a welcome drink and they escorted me to the deluxe room. The room was nice, but nothing special if you’ve been to many of the world’s best hotels. The bed was comfortable and the bathroom nice designed.

What I will always remember Sugar Beach for is the most expensive internet in the world. 1.000 MUR (or 35 USD) for three hours. Unbelievable. In 2011 you should not charge for the internet in the first place, but to charge it like that is unacceptable and the main reason why I would never stay there again. The food is very important in a place like Mauritius, and it was OK. I hate buffets and think it’s got nothing to do with luxury, but that is what they do for both breakfast and dinner. Both were OK, but far from great.

The facilities is good, and I liked their swimming pool. Another thing I will remember from Sugar Beach, but a good one is that they gave me Rum at turn down service. The label said “Especially bottled for Mr Jeppesen” and that was a nice detail I’ve never seen before. The service, in general, was good, but having seen the best service in the world, I must say it was very far from that.

Overall a good choice in Mauritius depending on the rate you can find. Do not expect it to be one of the best on the island, but expect it to be a good safe choice.

Rating: 8.5/10.