Status on the Project

Some people update their Facebook daily, but I believe daily updates belongs on Twitter. Instead, I try to update my followers once a month about my journey to all countries and territories. I have just posted the following and look forward to sharing my recent adventures in the coming week here at

Monthly Update About My Project
The Pacific is a real challenge in many ways. Internet is one of them. I have spent the past two months in the Pacific with unreliable internet, but I’m now home for a little while to give you an update on my project.
I arrived in Sydney on February 4th to a warm welcome at the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel. Malaysia Airlines took me to Sydney all the way from Paris with a stop in Kuala Lumpur. I do not enjoy flying long distance, and maybe that was why I made a quick decision on my arrival in Sydney. Get the countries in the Pacific done, do the remaining territories later. I much prefer to have everything organized ahead of time, but due to lack of response from various companies, almost everything was organized last-minute throughout my trip. It was a stressful trip. I slept at Cairns, Brisbane, and Sydney Airport. I also slept in a tent on the beach in Kiribati, one of the poorest countries in the world. I hitchhiked a lot and had many amazing experiences with people every day of my previous trip. I have a lot of writing to do now. In the coming days, you can read about these adventures at
My original plan was to visit the Antarctica now, but my boat trip didn’t work out the way I hoped. Instead, I am now 100% focus on the remaining 24 countries. I plan to do Central Asia next and hope to give you a positive monthly update next month from one of the Stan-countries.