St. Petersbourg Hotel Tallinn

Introduction: Set in a beautiful 15th Century building, St. Petersburg Hotel is a small boutique hotel located in the Old Town of the Estonian capital of Tallinn. St. Petersbourg Hotel is a sister hotel to Hotel Schlossle and a member of Preferred Hotel Group. The hotel is a similar experience to Schlossle, and what I love about both hotels is charming Estonian feel through the hotel that is unlike any hotels I have stayed in other countries. I also liked the iPads’ in the room, comfortable bed, although the bathroom could have had a separate shower and been a little bigger. The service is very good and personalized. The Estonians are some of the warmest people in Europe, and I will highly recommend this hotel to anyone. Three Sister, Telegraaf and Schlossle is a little bit better overall, but their rates are on average 25-30% higher. You get a lot for your money in Tallinn when it comes to hotels, and St. Petersburg Hotel is no exception.

Arrival experience: Quick check-in. No escort to the room.

What I loved: The charming Estonian feel.

What about the food: Great breakfast buffet with personalized service.

Number of rooms: 27.


Type of property: City hotel.

Location: Tallinn.

Facilities: Sauna.

Complimentary internet: Yes.

Affiliations: Preferred Hotel Group.

My overall impression: Great experience.