Six Senses Laamu

As I had never tried Six Senses before I was very excited to see if all the positve reviews would be true. After my stay I’m happy to conclude Laamu exceeded my expectations.

I arrived in the local airport and recieved a nice welcome by their airport staff before a short boat trip took me to the island of Laamu. I have had many boat transfers around the world, buy Laamu’s boat was by far the best with a very comfortable sitting area.

The Dutch general manager welcomed me when I arrived and the welcome was very nice. I was right after escorted to my room. I stayed in a Beach Villa and it was wonderful and unique. Eco friendly design with excellent details. Suitcases as sinks and natural bathroom products. The bed was comfortable and I absolutely loved it. The beach was only a few steps away and I couldn’t be more happy.

Hannah was my G.E.M. which is Six Senses reply to a butler. G.E.M. stands for Guest Experience Manager and it was a concept that worked very well. The service was in general great, but with very slow service in the restaurants as other people have reported. Keep in mind Laamu is quite new and over time I’m sure they will improve. The food was very good, but needs some improvements to become great. Again Six Senses is a great brand and I’m sure it will only get better. The final detail was ice cream before departure and it was first time I saw that in any hotel.

Overall a fantastic experience. Six Senses have a product I absolutely love. I should have tried them long time ago and I can’t wait to stay in my next Six Senses properties. It all depends on your personal preference, but Six Senses Laamu definitely belongs among the best choices in Maldives.

My opinion: Fantastic experience.