Singita Sabora Tented Camp

Singita Grumeti Reserves is 3 world class lodges located in northern Tanzania which was voted “The best hotel in the world” by Travel+Leisure in 2011. Singita is famous for it’s incredible lodges and I couldn’t wait experience my first lodge. Singita Sasakwa Lodge.

The safari experience is a big part of the experience and you have the same guide though your stay. To make it all more personalized. My guide was a local with a great passion for wild life. Bryan. Very friendly, professional and with a huge knowledge. He picked me up at Singita’s airstrip and I was on my way to The Sasakwa Lodge. All three lodges gave an incredible personalized arrival experience which made a big impression.

The rooms were all fantastic in all three lodges, but very different from each other which gives you more impressions and a bigger overall experience. Sasakwa has classical style with Each air-conditioned cottage features a bedroom, en-suite bathroom with bath and shower, lounge with fireplace, dressing area, a guest toilet, veranda with a Swarovski spotting scope and a heated infinity plunge pool. 9 suites total. Sabora Tented Camps is as the name indicates all tents. They are lovely and features a bath and outdoor shower, dressing area, reading area, viewing deck with Swarovski spotting scope and a library lounge tent and wireless internet access. 9 tents total. 8 suites can be found in the last Faru Faru lodge which has a different style as well. Contemporary and a favorite among the staffs.

The Singita concept is really fantastic and actually value for money as you get a truly unique experience. Even international phone calls is included in the all-inclusive concept. The attention to detail is incredible. The daily menu, the handwritten welcome notes, the personalized service and how they remember all your preferences. The facilities are worth 5 star as well which is unusual for a lodge. Great gym’s and spas. Spa treatment and French champagne is the only things that are not inclusive which is quite fair.

The food was consistently great in all three lodges. I couldn’t believe this level in the middle of nowhere in Tanzania. The owner, US billionaire, Paul Tudor Jones wants the best and are willing to pay for it. He puts millions of dollars into the properties every year to maintain the quality. Singita Grumei Reserves is probably the only lodges in the world to charter an airplane twice a week with one purpose: Fishing. Fresh fish available any time for the guests. Incredible.

Overall Singita Grumeti Reserves was one of my best experiences in my travels. Sasakwa was my favorite, but all three lodges are world class and even the most discerning travelers won’t be disappointed.

My opinion:
Singita Sasakwa Lodge: Favorite experience.
Singita Sabora Tented Camp: Fantastic experience.
Singita Faru Faru Lodge: Favorite experience.