Singita Boulders Lodge

After three incredible lodge experiences with Singita in Tanzania, I arrived with very high expectations in Krüger Airport for my 4 Singita experiences in South Africa. Singita picks guests up arriving at their own air strip, but GAP Tours does the Krüger Airport transfers. What a great experience, great knowledgeable driver, comfortable car and with complimentary drinks.

After a 2 hours drive I arrived in Singita Ebony Lodge were I received a very impressive welcome. After a drink and conversation I was escorted to the room by the lodge manager. Singita Ebony and Boulders both have 12 suites and with Boulders as a big winner. The design is a bit out-dated in Ebony and their sinks needs to be replaced. If it wasn’t for my enormous expectations I would think Ebony’s suites were fantastic. The suite in Boulders were definitely one of best I’ve stayed in the world. Uniquely designed where I couldn’t fault anything. Both Ebony and Boulders have private heated plunge pools and fireplaces which were nice details. Bed comfort is very important for travelers and always mentioned in reviews. Singita’s were very comfortable, soft and just like I want it, comparable with the great comfort of Four Seasons’ beds.

 As told in my other Singita articles, everything is included with Singita. I wasn’t even charged for 4 anti-malaria pills and sending post cards. All you want, whenever you want that makes you feel like staying in your best friends house. The feeling of comfort which makes a difference. The internet was complimentary as well and very fast after South African standards. The only thing you have to pay for is spa treatments and French champagne. Many lodges are not 5 star in terms of facilities, but that can’t be said about Singita. They have 5 star facilities with a great spa and updated gym facilities. The properties is member of Relais&Chateaux which require great food to be a member. Singita didn’t disappoint, but I am surprised with the fact that the food was better in Tanzania. The reason for this might be that the Tanzanian properties recently got chefs from South African properties and the replacements don’t have the same level. It also takes time to make things work and the manager told me that as well. That being said it was really great and with very attentive service as expected. 
The safari experience is another point that sets Singita apart from their competitors. Personalized and you can have it exactly as you like it. I had different guides and they were top professional and with an incredible knowledge. They even offer mountain bike safari which is very unique and something I tried in Lebombo Lodge in Krüger. The service was fantastic in both properties, with a little plus to Boulders. The attitude of the staff is the most important thing and it was surely among the best I’ve seen. Fantastic attitude and without being formal. There are no dress code in Singita and you can be your self and have the time of your life. 
Overall two fantastic experiences. Both have the incredible Singita standards, but the suites are better in Boulders which is a personal favorite among Singita staff. 

My opinion:

Ebony Lodge: Fantastic experience. 

Boulders Lodge: Favorite experience.