SIMs for World Travel

Being connected is very important for me when travelling for many reasons. Quickly looking up valuable information, find out where to go, planning trips and reduce loneliness by being able to communicate with friends and family. I have decided to make this a big priority and travel with several different sim cards to limit the risk of being disconnected in my travels. Here are the ones I currently own:

Danish monthly subscription. List of coverage

One year of text-only data in 130+ countries for just 25 Euros per year according to Chatsim. However, I have connectivity issues in a few places, while it’s been very helpful in places with no other data connectivity.

Similar to ChatSim, but only 10 Euros per year. Over 85 countries according to TravelChat. Been helpful so far. You can use the code nomad for a 10% discount on top up.

TravelSim (My favourite so far)
Data in over 170 countries according to their website. So far been a great experience and helped me a lot. Great value data packages that cover a lot of countries. Easy to use and top up. Highly recommend. You can use the code nomad for a 10% discount on top up.