Sheen Falls Lodge

Sheen Falls Lodge is one of the bigger Relais&Chateaux and is located in the beautiful town of Kenmare.

I arrived in Kenmare in the afternoon and after a 20 minutes walk I arrived in the hotel. The welcome wasn’t impressive. I first had to wait a few minutes as there was only one receptionist and then the receptionist basically just asked for my name. Not very welcoming, but I was escorted to the room and was received a lot of information about the hotel.

I stayed in a Deluxe Room which is the main room category at Sheen Falls. It’s 45 square metres, a little tired in areas, but with a great feel to it. The bed was very soft, comfortable and secured a good nights sleep. There was also a flatscreen and working desk which is important as Sheen Falls also received a good amount of business. The bathroom was one of the tired parts as it didn’t have separate shower from the bathtub. Overall a comfortable room, but it’s not the reason to stay in Sheen Falls. Let me explain.

Sheen Falls Lodge no longer has a Michelin star as they consider it too expensive to operate. Instead they have a larger restaurant with great food. Better than meals I’ve had in some Michelin restauranter, especially their own smoked salmon is a must.

The service level was overall good. The welcome wasn’t impressive, but the staff in the restaurant were all foreigners, well-trained and very kind. The property itself and the surroundings is very beautiful and it has a great feel to it. That’s what makes Sheen Falls an experience. Furthermore they have 5-star facilities and they have a hotel that can fit everyone

To sum up, I really liked Sheen Falls Lodge and consider it a great, unique experience. It’s easy to fault it in some areas, but for me it’s about the overall experience and I definitely consider Sheen Falls Lodge is a truly great experience.

My opinion: Great experience.