Shanti Maurice

Shanti Maurice was my first hotel experience in a three weeks trip to the island of Mauritius. Staying in Shanti Maurice was an easy decision. Great reviews on the internet combined with the membership of Leading Hotels of the World. There is probably too many Leading Hotels of the World, but it still requires a quality hotel to become a member. That is why I still trust this organisation in selecting hotels for my project. Shanti Maurice has changed their concept as their occupancy were too low. Shanti means peace and bliss, and that is what it is.

My experience started when I arrived at the airport and was picked up in their Mercedes. I arrived at the hotel and had a good welcome drink before being escorted to the room. Unfortunately, I did not get the best first impressions like the one checking me in was very unprofessional and badly trained. Worst of all he escorted me to the wrong room which wasn’t cleaned since the previous guests left. I’ve never tried that at a hotel before. It’s always very important you only give staff responsibility when they are ready, and Shanti Maurice failed completely on that point. Most staff were good, but some were far from ready to work in an LHW-property. That said, the service was acceptable, but the staff needs more training before this will change from a good to great experience.

I stayed in a Junior Suite, and it was very comfortable, but nothing special. I liked that the bathroom was very large and the handwritten welcome card. I also found a new favourite product in the bathroom. Africology. It’s a South African product, and it was fantastic. Shanti Maurice wants to create an as local experience as possible so they only import if they have to. Most food is local, and the few thing they have to import is from Africa. I had a tasting menu from the chef in the restaurant, and it was fantastic and highly recommended. The spa is another impressive element. It is award winning, and one of the better spas’s I’ve been to, but it’s always hard to pick a favourite.

Overall a good choice in Mauritius. It’s an LHW-property with areas to improve, but once improved this will be a fantastic resort. Based on the latest Tripadvisor reviews it’s going in that direction.

My opinion: Great experience.