Shanti Home

Shanti Home is a small boutique hotel in New Delhi which I selected based on outstanding Tripadvisor reviews. I also tell people to trust Tripadvisor on budget hotels, but be careful with luxury hotels. This hotel looked unusually good and to be a great option for a different experience in Delhi. It was. It’s a very local experience with excellent value for money. The rooms are all different from each other and have a lot of different touches.

I stayed in a Bombay room which had a lot of photos of Indian movie stars. After I had entered the room, they served me a nice welcome drink. The service is good and more than you could expect for the price paid. The value should not only be judged by the room rate, but also for the extra services you need during your stay. Only a few hotels in India offers complimentary internet, but Shanti Home does, and it worked perfectly during my stay. Also food, minibar and laundry are very cheap. I had dinner at their rooftop restaurant, and it was a very nice experience although it’s not like a Four Seasons of course.

Overall a nice experience in Delhi. It is the place to stay if you want a different hotel experience with nice rooms and good service.

My opinion: Good experience.