Shangri-La Hotel Chiang Mai

I have stayed in many hotels where I felt the value was great, but Shangri-La Hotel Chiang Mai must be one of the best value hotels you can find in this world. In low season you can get a room here with breakfast for 2-3 persons for as little as 100 USD per night. An experience like this hotel could easily cost up to 600 USD per night in other parts of the world.

I stayed in their standard deluxe room, and it had a beautiful Thai design and that exactly what Shangri-La hotels want. They want their hotels to look like a Shangri-La, but at the same time have an impact on the city you’re in. The service is very good, and the staff is very attentive. One of Shangri-La’s signatures is the free broadband internet. I like it, especially because I hate to pay for something I believe should be free in every hotel, and it’s important for many people. The facilities can fit the highest standards, and the spa looked nice.

The buffet dinner in their restaurant was a pleasant surprise. Only 350 THB for all you can eat and there is a lot to choice from. Even sushi and desserts are included. Best value for money I’ve seen for a buffet anywhere in the world.

My conclusion is easy. This hotel offers some of the most outstanding value there is in this world. It’s not one of the very best hotels in the world, but that’s impossible for 100 USD per. night. For the price, this hotel will be hard to beat anywhere in the world.

My opinion: Great experience.