“Secret Flights”: Auckland – Sydney

Who would know 4-star, China Airlines, would be the cheapest airline to operate from Auckland, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia?

There are many secret flights or ‘little-known-flights’ out there, but Auckland to Sydney on China Airlines is one of the most interesting ones. China Airlines flies from Auckland to Taipei with a stop in Sydney on a route also operated by Qantas, LAN, Air New Zealand and low-cost carrier Jetstar. China Airlines beats them all in the search engine, and it even comes with complimentary food, drinks and air miles. On some days, LAN is a bit cheaper, but China Airlines is cheaper than Jetstar on all the days I checked.

Many travellers looking for the cheapest fare would automatically assume Jetstar would be the cheapest option and go straight to Jetstar.com to book, but instead we should all first use a search engine. I recommend Kayak and Momondo, but only to check the result. Always book directly with the airline to secure your flight in real-time, unless the 3rd party website offers real-time bookings. If they don’t, the flight might be gone and you will most probably receive an email from their customer service saying the price no longer is available and your credit card will be refunded.

I expect to soon write about many more secret flights. Including how I got from Bergamo to Rome on an Irish-operated airline for 5 Euros.