Savute Elephant Camp by Orient-Express

Botswana is said to be the best place on earth for safari, and when my favourite hotel brand Orient-Express had three properties in the country I didn’t have much doubt.

My first camp was Savute Elephant Camp which has been recognised in Condé Nast Traveller’s Gold List as one of the world’s best hotel experiences. I arrived in the camp after two private flights that were quite an experience. From Livingstone to Kasane I was the only passenger onboard, only me and the pilot. The second flight from Kasane to Savute had three other passengers, but I was the only one going to Savute so the arrival experience was nice. As you can see on the Orient-Express Botswana promotion videos on YouTube, the staff sing when you arrive to give you a real local experience.

After that, I had a nice drink and orientation about the camp by one of the managers. After that, they escorted me to the tent which had an extremely nice luxurious feeling to it. Comfortable bed and outdoor shower and all in a classical design. The rates are very expensive when you look at the price, but it includes everything. All meals, all drinks (including alcohol), laundry and safaris drives were all included.

The safari was excellent. First is early morning and a second is in the afternoon. I saw a lot of animals I always wanted to see them in the wild, and it was an excellent experience. The food needs improvement; it’s was possible to eat it, but it was not top class as you would expect. The internet is complimentary, but it’s the slowest in the world. It’s only possible to read e-mails at night time. The most important thing is always the service, and it was great. Friendly, attentive staff delivered the personalised service I expected in a small exclusive camp.

Overall a unique Orient-Express experience. It was memorable, but I hope the food will be improved as that was my only complaint.

My opinion: Great+ experience.