Sands Resort & Spa Mauritius

Introduction: Sands Resort & Spa is located in Wolmar, on the west coast of Mauritius with 92 out-dated rooms as the downside of an otherwise beautiful resort. The resort is mainly focused on families with lots of activities to do, but for me, the lovely sandy beach is the main attraction.

Arrival experience: Slow check in, but a drink was offered in the lobby before being escorted to the room.

What I loved: The beach and surroundings.

What about the food: OK Buffets, but of course very far from the level of its sister hotel, Maradiva, next door.

Number of rooms: 92 rooms.


Type of property: Resort.

Location: Mauritius.

Facilities: Spa, gym and swimming pool.

Complimentary internet: Yes.

Affiliations: None.

My overall impression: Good+ experience.