Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge

Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge is the biggest Sabi Sabi property with 25 rooms and focus on families.

With 25 rooms Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge is focused on families and as I was travelling alone I kept my expectations low despite the high rates.

The welcome experience was a little dis-organized where I had to ask if I could check in. I was right after offered a drink and later escorted to the room. I stayed in a lovely Luxury Suite which is one of their main categories. It was spacious and beautiful appointed. The bed was twin as it’s a family resort. The room gave a feel of Africa by having African antique though the room. The bathroom had Charlotte Rhys products which is a great South African products, but not very unique as many hotel use it. The bathroom also had separate shower from the bathtub and an outdoor shower. The indoor shower wasn’t very good with bad water preasure, but otherwise a nicely designed bathroom.

What I liked most about Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge was the game viewing. Great guide and I took 100s of photos. Great attitude and kindness. The service in the other areas of the lodge was very mixed, some areas was very slow like the restaurant where the food didn’t impress me. It’s only buffet and nothing of the food impressed me and it’s the opposite world of Singita. Again, it’s a completely different concept focused on families and it works fine that way. It’s just not recommended for people traveling alone.

Overall a very good experience mainly because of the great game viewing. Highly recommended for families which have leaved great reviews all over the internet.

My opinion: Good+ experience.