Regent Phuket Cape Panwa

The Regent Cape Panwa is one of the latest additions to the many luxury hotels in Phuket, but after my one night stay I am happy to conclude it’s my new favourite.

It all started with the airport pick up where I was greeted by their airport representative with a smile before being escorted to their car. The car was fantastic. Drinks of your own choice and a cold towel. Furthermore wireless internet which made it the best airport transfer I have ever had. It’s a big plus in my book, you arrive in Phuket after many hours without internet and in 2013 that is very valuable.

The arrival experience was very impressive as well. I was greeted by the management and the kind lobby staff. I was right after escorted to my room with excitement. I stayed in a Pool Villa which was truly great. Beautiful design with similarities to The Chedi in Chiang Mai as it’s the same designer. The bed was however not my personal preference as it was a bit hard and I prefer a soft one. The bed would be the only thing I didn’t like about the villa. Absolutely fantastic and on level with the best pool villas I have stayed in other exotic destinations I have been. The internet is complimentary and fast as you would expect.

The service is always the most important thing and a big reason to travel to Thailand. It’s hard to find a bad resort in Thailand, the kindness and smile are natural for the Thai people and not something the hotel needs to train them to do. The Regent has already a very high level of service. The service in the lobby, on the phone and in the restaurants are professional and I liked all the staff I taked with. Many of them have experience for similar high end resorts and of course makes it easier for a new resort to deliver from day 1. On the negative point, I have to point out that 105 rooms total is a lot. The Regent are very similar to Four Seasons in many ways and as with Four Seasons the amount of rooms is always a negative touch point for me. With 105 rooms and 210 guests personalized service is not possible, but everything is professional run and you can count that everything will work.

The food was fantastic and could deserve a Michelin star if the Michelin Guide covered Thailand. Their chef Justin Baziuk is top professional and makes world class food at reasonable prices. $8 dollars for a pasta with Australian beef that will make your stomach full is great value and unlike other chain hotels that overprice their food. Finally, it’s worth to mention their great and brand new facilities. Their spa is at a very high level as well and I was having a memorable spa treatment there. I arrived in Thailand after having headache for 2 weeks, but after my massage it was gone. Professional and kind therapist which serves you a ginger tea after the treatment.

The bottom line is, The Regent Phuket gets it right. Their opening special rates are fantastic value for money, especially when you compare with the other choices in Phuket. I would rank it as a truly great experience and feels like a Four Seasons resort, but without the internet charge.

My opinion: Great+ experience.