Red Mangrove Galapagos Tour

The Galapagos Galapagos is famous for their animals, not for their hotels. That is easy for me to conclude after visiting three of Red Mangrove’s lodges in three different islands of The Galapagos. Red Mangrove were among the two most expensive hotels in The Islands and even a hotel passionist visit destinations for other reasons than great hotels.

Red Mangrove offers a 4 day trip of Galapagos in three different lodges which all were quite similar

The rooms is nothing special and far from the standard of the world’s best. It’s comfortable, but you would expect a little more for the high rates charged.

As this is lodges in the Galapagos islands it’s hard to compare the service with the rest of the world. It’s very different. The staff is friendly and helpful, but that is about it. The guides was great however and had a huge knowledge about everything. In Galapagos, that would be more important for visitors than extraordinary service as you can get this in other locations. Not the incredible animals. The food was a mixed experience. It’s below average compared with the other hotels I stay, but that is also what you would expect. Galapagos is a place to visit for the animals it’s very important to keep that in mind before going there.

Overall it was great to visit Galapagos. It’s a place for animal lovers, not for hotel lovers. Red Mangrove did what it’s promised, but nothing more. It’s the most expensive lodge in the Galapagos and you can count on great guides and friendly staff, but that is about it.

My opinion: Good experience.