Rating System: My opinion

I don’t judge a hotel on the number of stars. The star rating system often set according to standards and facilities, but that’s not necessarily what makes a great experience. Many business hotels will have five stars but will only feel comfortable and professional and not necessarily be an experience. My rating system is based entirely on an experience point of view and is as follows:

Good experience
I select hotels for the collection very carefully. All are recognised or the best hotel in its location. A “Good experience” means a good and comfortable choice.
Great experience
A great experience with high-service standards.  Hotels recognised as the bests in the world or deserves to be.

Fantastic experience
A truly fantastic hotel experience. All hotels in this category fully deserve to be recognised as one of the world’s best hotels.

Favourite experience
My favourite hotels in the world. A fantastic experience in a hotel that does things the way I like it.