Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel

Puripunn Baby Grand is a member of Chic Retreats and have some of the highest rates in Chiang Mai. Those we’re the reasons for selecting it as one of my 6 Chiang Mai hotels in my project and after my stay I’m glad I did.

Puripunn offers a very local thai experience. The location is right in the middle of a small village close to the city centre of Chiang Mai. The service was very good and the staff was very nice, but more training could be needed in some areas to become really great. The arrival experience was very good, but I didn’t like their welcome drink which were made of cranberry juice. I was escorted to the room and I stayed in a Baby Grand Suite which was very nice with separate sitting area and a free standing bathtub in the bathroom.

The internet was complimentary, but not fast enough for my liking. I liked the complimentary shuttle service to the city centre of Chiang Mai and the swimming pool area was a great place to relax.

Overall a very nice local Thai experience. The rooms are very impressive and staff is good, but the rates were in my opinion too high when you compare the competitors in Chiang Mai.

My opinion: Good experience.