Proud to Welcome Scandinavian Airlines

In 2000, I was contacted by the Danish National Tv, DR to be a cycling expert on national Tv during the Tour de France. At that time, my life was all about cycling like the way travel is today. I live in Thisted, 400 kilometres from the capital of Copenhagen and flights are often the cheapest way to reach the capital from Jutland. DR offered me to fly me back and forth, and I was ready for the first flight of my life.

The 40-minute flight was comfortable and with excellent service. Onboard drinks and toys for kids like me. As the national carrier of Scandinavia, I have flown with SAS many times and it will always be the closest feeling to home in the sky. Danish speaking staff Scandinavian Cuisine and comfortable seats. On the long-haul flights, there is a great personal flight entertainment system, even in economy class. That was exactly what I experienced on my recent flight with SAS. SAS sponsored me a ticket from Aalborg to New York with a short connection in Copenhagen. The onboard comfort is still great, but what I liked most was the meals. Better than on most airlines for sure. Although SAS don’t have the same service standards on short haul flights anymore, I still find it a cool airline to fly as you don’t have the feeling of low cost despite their very competitive rates.

I would like to thank Scandinavian Airlines for their support, and I look forward to many more experiences in the future.