Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel & Spa

Ping Nakara belongs among the top choices in Chiang Mai and with rates close to The Chedi I had high expectations after my experience next door.

Service is the most important thing in hotel, but I had mixed feeling. The service was very friendly and smiling, but with missing skills. I was only escorted to the room and the receptionist didn’t say a word before leaving the room. A bad first impression of a place. Ping Nakara don’t have suites so I stayed in a quite small deluxe room which was very nice with comfortable bed, complimentary internet, flatscreen Tv and a beautiful bathroom.

The facilities included a great spa and a beautiful outdoor swimming pool. Overall it’s definitely a very beautiful property, but the service must be improved to justify the rates close to Chedi’s level. It has the potential to become a really great experience.

My opinion: Good experience.