Pelican Eyes Resort

Pelican Eyes Resort is a member of Kiwi Collection and located in the touristic fishing village of San Juan del Sur in the south of Nicaragua.

I stayed in a standard room which was quite disappointing. First, I was told that I couldn’t get a king bed as almost every room were with twin beds. Secondly, none of their rooms had replaced their Tv’s to flatscreen. Thirdly, the style was just not attractive at all and finally the bed was very hard. Not impressed with the room, but it did have one nice detail. Separate internet router in every room, but perhaps they should have spend their money on flatscreen Tv’s instead.

The service was good in parts. Some staffs were kind and friendly, but most only spoke Spanish which made the communication difficult

Overall a good experience, but unfortunataly one of the weakest in my collection. Rooms are not impressive, service good in parts, but that is about it. Recommended as it’s the best hotel in the south of Nicaragua as the alternatives are 2- and 3 star hotels.

My opinion: Good experience.