Palau: The Easiest Place to Hitchhike

Palau is the 3rd smallest United Nation-country in the world with a population of only 20,000 people. Many of them are foreign workers from mainly The Philippines. Palau is easily one of my new favourite countries in the world. It is a very beautiful destination with great beaches and friendly people. Only a few tourists and a place where you can get a real local experience. That includes hitchhiking, which is very easy and safe here. Probably the easiest place in the whole, wide world. I hitchhiked with 18 different cars during my 3-night visit and it was never a problem to get a ride anywhere.

Palau is a former American territory meaning the locals speaks English, making a big difference in getting to know the people and their culture. Flights to Palau is expensive, but as using your air miles might be a great idea, especially for the value. China Airlines (Sky Team), Eva Air (Star Alliance) and United Airlines (Star Alliance) flies here from Asia and other Pacific islands.

Finally, I would highly recommend to print out your return ticket before you arrive. I forgot it and was told, the official rule is to show a return ticket, but luckily, they made an exception for me.