Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort

Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort is a 4 star Maldivan resort accessible by boat from Malé International Airport.

The boat trip can be a little tough depending on the weather, but as soon as you arrrive, you are in paradise. The arrival experience was very nice with a welcome drink and cold towel before being escorted to the room. I stayed in a Honeymoon Water Villa which is one of their top categories and with very high standards. Freestanding bathtub in the bathroom was a highlight and the feeling of being over water is always wonderful. The lower categories does not quite have the same standard, but are good value for the price.

The only thing that needs to be improved to match the price tag is the food. The buffet lunch was of low quality in both selection and quality. I had dinner at their ala carte restaurant and while it was better, it is definitely also with room for improvement. The Australian beef was tasteless like I have not tasted it before. The service was on the other hand good, mainly due to lots of staff from other Asian countries where hospitality is in their blood and have a natural great attitude. The big problem with Olhuveli is the charges for internet. Not even a minute or free anywhere on the island. It is really a big problem and for me the same as charging for pillows. Internet is an important part and a basic need of our lives in 2013. 99% of all independent hotels offers complimentary internet these days, but Olhuveli is not one of them.

Like any other Maldivian resort, Olhuveli has lots of activities and facilities to make sure you won’t get bored even if you spend a few weeks here. I stayed one night and got a good impression. Their summer rates are very low for Maldives and great value for money. There is just a big quality difference in all areas between Olhuveli and The Maldives bests which on the other hands charges a lot more.

My opinion: Good+ experience.