Nisbet Plantation

Nisbet Plantation has received fantastic recognition in the last three years and I was excited to make my own conclution of the hotel. Nisbet Plantation was voted number one in The Carribean and number seven in the world by the readers of Travel+Leisure and with only 36 rooms I had high expectations for the service. I arrived with speedboat from St. Kitts and had a warm welcome.

I stayed in an Upper Premier Junior Suite and it was very interesting, but nothing special. Simple design and with a balcony overlooking the ocean. The internet was complimentary and worked fine throughout my stay. The food was very good. I had breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel. As the general manager told me they don’t want to be fancy, but good. That’s how I say the food, very good, but not fancy as you find in the very highend hotels. Nisbet Plantation is a hotel for everyone and not super luxurious, but that’s not what makes a great hotel experiences. This hotel was voted number seven in the world and while I think it’s a little overrated I can definitely see why people love it. As in the other reviews you will read it’s the staff that makes the difference and delivers good personalized service. The only thing I didn’t like what the noise level from the room which was irritating.

Overall a great experience to the portfolio. It’s a very interesting experience with it’s own style and the value can’t be beaten.

My opinion: Great experience.