New Sponsor: Visit Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is one of the world’s most unique destinations. 18 islands total and officially a territory of Denmark, but The Faroe Islands are in many ways independent. It also has it’s own national sports teams including their world famous national football team. Visit Faroe Islands supported my project with transportation in The Faroe Islands including a wonderful helicopter trip as part of my visit to the small local island of Mykines.

Mykines has a population of only 10 people and has to be one of the smallest island communities in the world. The locals are very friendly and proud of their island. I am used to staying in some of the world’s best hotels, but the best Mykines has to offer is a small B&B with shared facilities called Kristianshus. It has small rooms with soft beds and a cafeteria with reasonable priced food and drinks. It is a nice little place for an overnight stay. The owner is also the island’s only teacher where her own daughter at the moment is the only student.

The Faroe Islands is a very unique destination and I highly recommend to visit the website below for more information.