New Sponsor: Visit Åland

Åland is a unique destination, a Swedish-speaking territory of Finland located between Finland and Sweden. Visit Åland helped me with my visit to the island and is hereby the latest sponsor to be part of my journey to all 321 countries and territories of the world. Many people might not have heard of Åland, but it’s an easily accessible destination. Cheap ferries from Stockholm and Turku takes 7 hours each way, while a longer journey is possible from Helsinki. There are also flights to Åland from Helsinki, Turku and Stockholm, but at a higher cost.
28,000 people live in Åland and with only 11,000 in the capital of Mariehamn, it is said to be the smallest capital in the world. Åland is still part of Finland like Scotland is part of The UK. Åland does on the other hand not have their own national team in Fifa, but are part of International Island Games Association which are an association of territories and islands fully part of their mainland. Åland has their own government and their own flag, but are not seeking independence from Finland. For many territories, it is too expensive to be independence, although they feel they have their own identity.
Åland has a few great places to stay. The best being Havsvidden which you can read about in another article on this site. There are also cheap options on the island such as hostels or if you are willing to work, you can live (room and food) for a week or two for free. Åland has 80 inhabited islands, while over 6000 are uninhabited. Have you ever dreamed about owning your own island, Åland is said to be an affordable place, especially by European standards. The main attraction on Åland is it’s beautiful nature and it’s really a perfect place to stress out. Most tourists here are Swedish and Finnish, but in the last years more Germans, Dutch and British have found their way to Åland. Other attractions includes the annual festivals and museums of Mariehamn.
My stay at Åland was only 1 night due to the fact that HavsVidden most probably would be the only property good enough for my collection. I would however love to return to Åland after my project is completed so I can spend longer time to fully explore it. I got a great impression of the place and I can highly recommend anyone to visit. The best place to start your planning would be at Visit Åland’s website below.