New Sponsor: Norlandair

Greenland is one of the most difficult and expensive places to travel as a tourist, but thanks to Norlandair I have now visited this important territory. Norlandair operates a weekly flight to Constable Point Airport from the airport in Akureyri, Iceland’s fourth biggest town.

The flight experience was really beautiful and finally seing Greenland was fantastic. I didn’t get to experience much at Constable Point due to limited time on the ground, but for me it makes all the difference that I have been there. If a visit to Greenland later becomes possible I will definitely be back as I would like to explore more of this facinating territory of Denmark.

Norlandair is a small Icelandic airline opearting both schedule- and charter flights. Their ticket partner is Air Iceland where you can book the flight above or any of their domestic flights in Iceland. The airline is one of the smallest airlines in the world with only 20 employees. The aircraft is very small and has only 9 seats so there isn’t any servive on board, but the service on the ground is fantastic. The people at Akureyri Airport are extremely helpful and the town itself is certainly worth a visit.

I can’t thank Norlandair enough for being part of my project. Their support made a big difference for me.