New Sponsor: InterSky

Austrian-based InterSky is the lastest airline to become part of my journey to all countries. InterSky is in my opinion “Jetblue of Europe” with their slogan “I’m flying first class although there is no first class”. The comfort onboard their flights was really great with extra legroom in all seats, complimentary drinks and snacks and good service. InterSky sponsored me two tickets. From Olbia to Hamburg with a stop in the small German town of Friedrichshafen, located close to the Austrian border and Bregenz where InterSky has it’s headquarter.

This might be the first time you have heard of InterSky, but they have excited since 2001 and began operations in early 2002. The reason you might not have heard about them is their small route network between 6 European countries. Both my flights with InterSky were on time and as said very comfortable. Although this is a promotional article, I can honestly say the experience was on Jetblue-level and if SKYTRAX decide to rank InterSky, I definitely think it should be rated as a 4-star airline.